About Seeds

Seeds 4.2 is an app that can query a key/value spreadsheet.
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The app connects to a Google Spreadsheet that has "seeds" and "values" columns.
You can then search for seeds using a simple filter and the app displays the corresponding values but initially hides them till you individually click on them to reveal them for a few seconds.

What is good for? I use it as a simplified flash card system. Say you need to learn a list of capitals, click on any line to reveal the answer. Here's an example:

Note that the app never changes the spreadsheet. It only reads from it. To change the data, simply open the underlying spreadsheet using Google Drive.

Accounts & Permissions Requested

To begin, sign-in using a Google account and follow the prompts the accept the Google Drive permissions. The application uses the following permissions:


To continue, the user must select a spreadsheet. Note that the Android app cannot create the spreadsheet, it has to be done by the user itself either from the Google Drive app or from the Google Drive web site.

The spreadsheet must be created with the following simple format: Here's an example of Spreadsheet:

To use the app, simply enter a search pattern. The matching rows from the spreadsheet are shown and then the user can tap each entry to reveal the answer.

Privacy Policy

Alf-Labs Android App Privacy Policy
The application complies with the privacy and security policies set by the Android Play Store.
The application does NOT collect nor transmit personal or sensitive user data.
Some Android permissions are considered sensitives. The following non-exclusive list explains some usage:

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