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The Randall Museum in San Francisco hosts a large HO-scale model model railroad. Created by the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club starting in 1961, the layout was donated to the Museum in 2015. Since then I have started automatizing trains running on the layout. I am also the model railroad maintainer. This blog describes various updates on the Randall project and I maintain a separate blog for all my electronics not directly related to Randall.

2021-11-23 - Train Vision Maintenance

Category Randall

I’ve done some work on the Vision computer to get more reliable networking. The USB-to-ethernet adapter hasn’t been behaving as stable as I’d like to, and I fixed the wifi so at least I got that.

But maybe it’s not just that USB-to-ethernet adapter that needs some more work though -- last time I went by the museum, all the port lights were off on the ethernet switch till I power-cycled it so maybe I should look at that first.

I have also updated the highlighter’s logic in train-motion, and actually I like the updated logic even less than the original. Look at these stats:

That’s terrible. Too many highlights. The thing is too sensitive, I need to change it to have some kind of adaptive threshold. Some of the highlights happen when no trains are moving, probably because the RTSP h264 stream is of subpar quality and very noisy, not to mention noticeable inconsistent frame rate. That’s why I need that wired ethernet to work.

And what’s up with the lack of stats after noon? I know the laptop was running at least till 4-5 pm. If it were a 12/24 hour mismatch, the “12 pm” events should look like midnight (12 am) and the 4-5pm events should look like 4-5am, which is not the case here. More mysteries.

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